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Split Personality?

As many women do, I have layers. As I grow and evolve as a woman, my writing also grows and changes. I've written and published a variety of erotic romances under the name Samantha Lucas, however as I personally take a walk through the world of BDSM, I want to write about it. I also want to embrace my darker side, my love for the unexplainable, the spiritual, and of course still include scorching hot soul satisfying sex!

Elle (the phonetic spelling for L as in Lucas) Dakros will be the author of of darker, deeper, more erotic, BDSM romances. I will still be publishing my sweeter stories of love and healing under Samantha Lucas, but I felt the need to separate the two types of stories in the hopes readers would be better able to find the types of stories they like best, without being stuck with something that isn't quite right for them.

To sum this all up...

Samantha Lucas ~ Unforgettable love stories with an erotic edge. Stories of innocent heroines, shy women, ladies finding their white knights. Heart melting romance and white hot sex intertwined in classic ways that will satisfy your soul's longing for magical happily ever afters.

Elle Dakros ~ Take a walk on the wilder side, the darker side and embrace the secret longings and curiosities you've held in that quiet place of your heart hoping no one would ever know. These stories deliver scorching sex, dominance and submission, pain and bondage. Follow along with characters who are sexy, mysterious and may not always walk on the right side of the law. Powerful heroes and strong heroines who are going to have to earn their happy ending.

The place where these stories merge... Starlight Township.

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