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The Seduction Series ~ Available Now

The Seduction of Cassidy Flint ~ Twelve years after her no-good ex walked out on her, Cassidy Flint is slowly coming to realize that life is passing her by. Problem is, she has no idea what to do about it. Lucky for her, Aiden Grand, her sexy new boss, has a few creative ideas bound to help with her dilemma.

Though an affair with Cassidy breaks all the rules, Aiden is willing to risk it for the opportunity to awaken her sexuality and introduce her to all the pleasures and sensations of seduction. The fact that he suspects she will alleviate some of his perpetual loneliness has nothing to do with it.

Temptation becomes seduction, seduction becomes passion, but will that be enough to convince a man afraid of love and a woman afraid of passion to build a life that will last forever?

The Seduction of Anne Ruby ~ Hollywood heartthrob Grey Hendrix only needs a single glance to know Anne Ruby is his perfect submissive. Despite her innocence and resistance, every time she looks at him, he sees the truth revealed in her eyes.

Anne’s experiences with men have not ended well, but she admits she’s never met a man quite like Grey. He already stars in all her secret fantasies, but can she find the courage to let him turn those fantasies into reality?

Time may be against them, Anne may be unsure, but at the game of bondage, domination, and seduction, Grey’s a master, and he's already decided she will be his.

The Seduction of Destiny Rhode ~ Destiny Rhode took a leap of faith to end all in buying a run-down resort in Florida, determined to turn the business around and build a new life for herself. The day contractor Ronan Kelley comes on board, her entire world flips upside down. Ronan is sexy, dominant, and a very serious temptation. She finds herself drawn to him. Though most women would probably run from his “just sex” offer, for Destiny, it’s exactly what she needs.

In the opinion of Ronan Kelly, nothing in the world radiates more beauty than the perfectly submissive woman. In Destiny, he sees more than the smart, compassionate creature who puts herself last every time. He sees a woman he craves to have in his bed, under his dominance. Determined to help her discover her true nature, can he also teach her that submission is not about weakness at all, but the ultimate strength?

Coming in October ~ The Seduction of Elian Varona ~ Sometimes, two souls happen upon one another as if it was always meant to be, but what happens when the fantasy you’ve held your entire life, suddenly pales in comparison to your reality?
Elian Varona finds himself in that position the moment he meets Tabitha. Neither of them expect their one night of flirtation to go any further, now they realize what started that night won’t be easily extinguished and Elian is soon torn between the future he had planned, and the present he can’t ignore.
Tabitha has never done anything in her life remotely wild or spontaneous, not until the night she meets Elian. Her one random act soon has her entire life spinning in ways she never saw coming, but at the end of the day, what she wants most of all, can’t be hers. How will she ever be able to return to the life she knew, now that she’s experienced Elian Varona?

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