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As writers we do tend to get inspiration from all around us. My last story, The Seduction of Destiny Rhode, which is available in August, was inspired by my new home. Last March, I moved into a hotel here in Florida that I could tell used to be a grand resort at one time and since I've been here I've been slowly piecing together her history. It's one of those places you step into and you can feel her. In this case I can also almost feel her sadness because she's practically empty all the time now and her features are needing a face-lift and her restaurants don't open any longer, two of her pools are drained and there are just so many little things that need touching up.

It makes me sad, yet as I walk around the place, I can see her potential and how beautiful she should be. In my story, it is Destiny that comes to the rescue of this grand place and refurbishes her lovingly. It's something I feel everyday but clearly have no resources to do anything about. I suppose one of the gifts of being a writer is that even if you can't fix something for real, you can write that you did!

From talking to a wonderful woman the other day who's worked here nearly through it all, I've learned that this hotel was once the Hyatt, or a Hyatt franchise, and from what I hear she was hopping! Full up more often then not all summer long. Her restaurants, pools, and bar full with people enjoying their vacation, conferences held constantly in the convention center, along with weddings and parties and the company was wonderful to her employees. There are a few people still here from that time and they still speak highly of their old employers. That's a rare thing these days.

So apparently about ten years ago the Hyatt wanted to refurbish the entire hotel and split the costs 50/50 with the owners and the owners refused. Hyatt took their name off the place and the doors closed shortly thereafter. I'm still piecing together what's gone on the past ten years because I know she's had several owners, but to hear of her heyday as the Hyatt made so much sense. So when you read The Seduction of Destiny Rhode, the hotel is real, it's where I currently call home and though she's seen better days, she's still an inspiration, at least to me.

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