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Book Update and a Peak at a New Series

I received edits back the other day on The Seduction of Destiny Rhode and there were some truly beautiful comments made by my editor. My favorite, she said my story was a strong manuscript and a pleasure to read. I know it's important to have confidence in yourself as a writer and in your story and characters, but I've gone through some edits where I had to fight my way through because the editor just didn't understand who I was as a writer, or the story I was telling and that is frustrating. This is a gift!

Anyway, edits should be done this week and that book has a current release date of Tuesday July 24th from Siren Publishing.

Also finishing up The Seduction of Tabitha Geary today. I had hoped to get it finished last week, but life happened... still working on that. I get thrown off course too easy, but I'll figure it all out. :) I'm still hoping however for a September release on that book.

I appreciate those of you who read my books regularly and who write me and I'm hoping to be able to deliver to you more books on a regular basis now that I'm settled in my new home and new life, especially since I'm writing full time now. :)

I'll be starting a new book this week, it will be the first in a new series of BDSM romances following women desiring to explore their submissive side in a safe way. I've been working on this series in the back ground most of this year. As I've journeyed into the world of BDSM myself and have seen far too many women acting recklessly and endangering themselves in a quest to find a component to their sexuality they don't entirely understand. In this new series, I'm going to explore that phenomena and I hope, while entertaining, turning you on and making you fall in love, I'll also educate any of you in that place of wanting to explore this either as a lifestyle or as something different on a Friday night.

I'll be alternating the two series, The Seduction Series and A Submissive Longing, meaning I'll write one book from the one series, then immediately start a book from the other series, for the rest of this year. It's a commitment I've made to myself, to my readers, and to the women who haven't found me yet, but are looking for exactly what I'm trying to put out there.

I feel very honored to be in a place of not only being able to entertain, but to educate. I'm very passionate about authenticity in life and embracing our sexuality and our worth as women. It's something I've dedicated myself to and I don't think I'll ever be able to adequately express my gratitude to those of you who've read my books from day one, sent me mail and encouraged me to keep going through all my own drama and heartache. You all mean the world to me and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. ;-)

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