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I've Found a New Way to Challenge Myself!

I started a new project a couple of weeks ago that was originally going to be a short story for Samhain, but has turned into the fourth book in the Seduction series.

It was originally going to be simply about two people who meet and are forced to separate after only one night together.

I've had some personal experience with this lately and felt the need to write it! :P

Anyway, me being me, along the way the characters really sprang to life and there was so much more story I wanted to tell and what was once a 35k short story entitled One Exquisite Night, is now The Seduction of Tabitha Geary and is quickly heading towards 80k.

I find myself feeling very much back in my writing groove these days. After that 3 year hiatus and a year of starts and stops, I was very much concerned I would never be a writer again the way I once was. However, I have a good routine down here in Florida, the most amazing office ever!

(Disney World)

I feel very confident at this point that I'm going to pull this writing career off!

It is with this new layer of confidence that I find myself stretching into new places with my characters. As this book developed, my hero, originally a white male like all my heroes, this man became a Cuban immigrant.

Hmmm... I guess that makes this my first interracial romance. :D

But I digress...

Since being in Florida I've met so many wonderful people down here, Cuban, Bolivian, Puerto Rican... I'm loving that and I wanted to try and embrace some of the culture and the pride these people feel for their homes, but also their gratefulness of being an American. Something I think many of us, who have always been American, take for granted.

Elian has a sad, but compelling, back story that I'm trying to do justice to. I've been researching Cuba and familiarizing myself with the intricate differences in the Spanish language depending on where exactly in Latin America you come from.

I'm working very hard at making his language believable and getting my reader to "hear" his accent without bludgeoning them over the head with it. It's definitely a challenge... but I'm loving it!

This book has no kink, no BDSM, it's just a love story between two people who by some weird quirk of fate found themselves together one exquisite night, and realized together, they could build one exquisite life. It's exceptionally hot though as both my characters this time find themselves awakening to passion and all the possibilities life holds when you follow your heart.

I should have it finished this week, then on to Dave for proofing and hopefully Siren will have it in their inbox early next week so that you will see it sometime late this summer!

In the meantime please check out my backlist at my site for a story that may be just what you're looking for! And to keep up with the strange happenings of my personal life in the aftermath of hitting the reset button on it, visit my Behind the Scenes blog where you'll never be sure just what you'll get, but it'll most likely be oddly fascinating in some way or another. :)

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